Our Mission

Caring for Kids, Raising Up Our Profession

The mission of the CCPU Training Fund is to provide high-quality, worker-centered professional development opportunities to family childcare providers and to build respect for our contributions to early childhood education. When we say family child care providers, that includes our family, friends, neighbors, and licensed child care providers. All family childcare providers are essential and deserve support.

The CCPU Training Fund provides professional development by consulting with family childcare providers about our professional learning goals across regions and languages. Our peer-to-peer learning is informed and led by providers for providers with a focus on business development and child development.

Origin Story

Every step of the way, family childcare providers have been at the forefront of deciding how the CCPU Training Fund will take shape to meet our most pressing needs.
CCPU Training Fund’s Commitment to

Racial Justice

We believe that all of our work should lead to racial equity and remove systemic barriers for Black, Indigenous, and communities of color. To create the system of early childhood education our children need, we believe that working for racial justice is essential. Our commitment to racial justice shows up in the structural solutions we seek, the way our programs are structured to follow the priorities of the family child care workforce that is overwhelming women of color, and the internal policies and practices of the training fund that seek to further equity.

CCPU Training Fund’s Commitment to

Language Justice

We believe that everyone has a right to communicate in the languages we choose and that all languages hold equal value and deserve equal space. Family child care providers speak approximately 50 languages statewide. The CCPU Training Fund is committed to growing our capacity to ensure that everyone can access our programs and benefits in the languages we choose.

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