About Us


The CCPU Training Fund is working for an early childhood education system that prioritizes the needs and advancement of family child care providers. The CCPU Training Fund works to ensure that family child care providers, who provide culturally responsive, high-quality, community-based early childhood education, are valued, respected, and supported. We envision a world where we as family child care providers receive integrated wraparound support as educators, business owners, community leaders, union members, and human beings. Family child care providers are essential early childhood educators and we support and invest in the families most impacted by poverty and systemic racism in California’s underserved communities. We believe that by investing in this workforce and our quality of life, we are ensuring that all children, in particular in Black, Indigenous, Latine, and AAPI communities, have access to high-quality, comprehensive early childhood education.


The mission of the CCPU Training Fund is to provide high-quality, worker-centered professional development opportunities to family child care providers and to build respect for our contributions to early childhood education. When we say family child care providers, that includes our family, friends, neighbors, and licensed childcare providers. All family child care providers are essential and deserve support. 

The CCPU Training Fund provides professional development by consulting with family child care providers about our professional learning goals across regions and languages. Our peer-to-peer learning is informed and led by providers for providers with a focus on business development and child development. Our work is accomplished by bringing together early educators to design and facilitate worker-centered, relationship-based, accessible education and training programs. We provide wraparound support systems to ensure access, including distributing free hardware (like tablets and hot spots) and tuition assistance funding for providers to pursue our goals related to higher education. 

We aim to ensure that all early childhood education professionals feel engaged and empowered in our professions, that we are respected and well compensated, and have access to educator-centered professional development and training that meets our needs. Our peer-led approach to professional development builds and strengthens networks among providers through which we find support and aid each other in resilience to do our work.

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